Hair Analysis: an Investigation into its Scientific Validity


  • Kyle Schulmeister
  • Jeff Boles
  • Jonathan Moldenhauer


Hair analysis has been a widely used forensic technique since the mid-20th century. One of the most common sources of evidence in a crime scene is from hair. As such, hair analysis has been used to convict many. This method is flawed, however. There has not been a consistent set of criteria for comparison, and no scientific knowledge of the frequency of occurrences of certain characteristics in hair. As a result, this technique has fallen under controversy in the past few decades. This project aims to investigate the forensic technique of hair analysis through a variety of means. In particular, the history of its use, the science behind it, its flaws, and its use in the present day will be examined. In conducting this study, one can identify issues and suggest methods to improve the scientific validity of hair analysis as a technique.