Progress Toward the Production of Capsaicin Analogs


  • Samuel Cartwright
  • Emma Jones
  • Cody Strain
  • Daniel Swartling


Capsaicin and its analogues are useful in the field of analgesics to block nerve pain. Analogues of capsaicin are prepared by coupling vanillin amines and acid chlorides. The vanillin amines were synthesized by reacting the vanillin oxime with zinc and acetic acid. The vanillin oxime was produced from oxidizing vanillin with hydroxylamine hydrochloride and sodium acetate producing a high yield. The production of the vanillin oxime can be highly successful with these methods. The oxime is then used to produce the vanillin amine. The amine can be produced through different techniques, many were attempted. Once the vanillin amine is collected, it can be combined with an acid chloride to produce the capsaicin analogue.

Keywords: vanillin, vanillin oxime, vanillin amine, capsaicin