*WINNER* Synthesis of a novel Terpenoid and optimization of its preparation for yield and environmental impact using Design of Experiment (DOE)


  • Sydney Asmus
  • Taylor Fletcher


The use of certain solvents in chemical reactions can cause negative environmental impacts. The goal of this work is to synthesize a novel terpenoid for use as topoisomerase inhibitors and optimize this synthesis for both yield and environmental impacts. The reactions are analyzed by a green scoring software, DOZN, that provides a quantitative scoring of its environmental impact. This research optimized a green reaction on the microliter scale using design of experiment (DOE) procedures with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The reporting of the synthesis of a terpene derivative including an F19 label and the optimization of its synthesis using DOE for its ideal DOZN score. A standard procedure that optimizes multiple reactions while also remaining fiscally competitive with non-green alternatives was developed.