Thermal Distillation Using Heat Localization


  • Divya Susmitha Jaladi
  • Ehsan Languri
  • Téa Phillips


Thermal desalination using solar energy is one of the most propitious application in renewable energies and a viable solution for treating the waste water to meet the present-day water standards. This work demonstrates the re-using of waste water by using the laboratory designed low-cost desalination system under 1 sun solar concentration condition, a double layer structure comprising carbon foam and exfoliated graphite are used for solar thermal conversion, Where heat is localized to top layer get heated and evaporated due to the capillary action of the porous structure at the top, vapor is allowed to condense and fresh water is collected. This is eco-friendly and low cost due to solar energy and grid-free operations and great option for the semi- arid and drought prone regions.