*WINNER* Thermal Management Using Diamond Nanofluid


  • Farzin Mashali
  • Ehsan Languri
  • Gholamreza Mirshekari


Detonation diamond nanoparticles have been characterized using TEM, XRD, FT-IR and EDS analysis and then dispersed in deionized water in various concentrations to interrogate their thermo-physical properties, including viscosity and effective thermal conductivity. The viscosity and thermal conductivity were measured at different temperatures using an A&D SV-10 Viscometer Japan and KD2 thermal conductivity meter Decagon United States, respectively. The results suggest an optimum point at which maximum thermal improvement is obtained with a minimum penalty in viscosity increment. In the next step, a heat transfer loop was designed to evaluate the convective heat transfer characteristic of nanofluid in a turbulent flow regime. Comparing the result of DI water and 0.05 wt. % diamond nanofluid, a 25% enhancement in convective heat transfer for diamond nanofluid samples in the same flow rate is observed. Furthermore, with an identical heat transfer rate between the hot surface and liquid, 25% reduction in pumping power for the diamond nanofluid has been observed compared with DI water. These results suggest a very desirable improvement for such a low concentrated nanofluid.