Security Challenges with ZigBee Communication Network in Industry 4.0


  • M. Rayhan Ahmed Mithu
  • Gustavo Angeles


The paper reviews the implementation of ZigBee network in the industry and possible attacks that can be done to Zigbee Networks. As the industry is leaning towards smart technology with the idea of products controlling their production environment, more and more must be thought on the security issues regarding them.
This paper will describe how can we detect when an attacker adds or deletes a node from the network, and how can be impede an attacker from sniffing data from our network. Since Zigbee Networks are low powered, we have considered this scenario to be close proximity attacks or insider attacks. These kinds of attacks can detriment the productivity in the industry, by adding a note that congests the network or by deleting one, and losing the data needed to continue production. Gathering information can lead to leaks if the information gathered by the attacker is sensitive. This paper will also provide analysis of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) within the ZigBee network. The analysis includes the implementation of IDS in ZigBee, compatibility of the IDS in the network and results of the implementation.
In order to test this, we have created a mock IoT environment using sensors and a hub. We have used a star topology, since it is widely used in the industry. We collected information from different sensors and uploaded them to the cloud using Microsoft Azure.





Computer Science