Design and Implementation of Safety Solution for Hands off Lathe Machining of Torque Converter Hubs


  • Justin R. Brown
  • Chelse Smith
  • Austin Ochi
  • Christian Molina
  • Wyatt Gravitt


TRANSTAR DACCO is a Re-Manufacturing company specifying in Torque Converters here in Cookeville, TN. The company has been a historically unsafe environment relative the industry’s standards. The team’s goal was to improve company safety by implementing light curtains and a hands off approach to polishing the converter hub on a lathe. Our design consists usage of various burnishers, a cleaning tool and an automatic lubricator for the tool. The lathe will not be able to operate if the light curtain is broken. All polishing and machining will be done away from moving parts preventing injury to the operator.





Engineering-Manufacturing and Engineering Technology