Increasing Accessibility of the Rainbow Flame Test: Methods of Flame Delivery


  • Kaitlyn Wiley


The purpose of the Rainbow Flame test is to inspire young students to take interest in the colorful and fascinating world of chemistry by illustrating observable emission spectra via vivid color displays using a Bunsen burner and salt solutions. Despite its magnificent use as a teaching tool, the Rainbow Flame Test can be highly inaccessible to those not often around a science laboratory due to lack of a gas line and scientific equipment such as a Bunsen burner. This project will explore alternative flame source options such as candles, fuel burners used in catering, and other possibilities available to the public in attempts to make the Rainbow Flame Test available for all who are interested in chemistry. It is expected that the fuel burner used in catering will produce the best temperature and flame size needed to visualize the emission spectra, while remaining affordable and simple to access as a lay person. Through conducting research on potential flame sources, this project seeks to find an affordable and convenient method for making the Rainbow Flame Test more accessible than ever before.