Travel to Caritas Facility in Puebla, Mexico and the Needs for Medical Equipment


  • Lauren Reese
  • Savannah Chastain


In January, 2019, a group of 18 Tech students and two leaders (Dr. Pat Bagley and Mrs. Amy Miller) spent 11 days in Puebla, Mexico as a University sponsored study-abroad program. While In Puebla, the group met with and toured two facilities sponsored by the Club Rotario de Puebla Industrial that includes as day-care center for 4 – 6 year-old children of poor families whose mother work, bit cannot afford day care, and a hospital-like facility where 70 elderly people (35 men, 35 women) are housed who suffered from various maladies related mostly to old age. Almost every one of these patients will pass away while in the facility, rather than living on the street until their lives end. Additionally, medical services are provided to help their pain and suffering, as well as the facility sees about 30 patients each day who cannot afford medical help. The facility is supported by several groups, with only two paid staff. Therapists, dentists, and physicians are all volunteers, with the medical equipment in very poor condition. A list of medical equipment has been requested by the local Rotary Club, and a grant for funding has been requested. To support this grant request of $35,000, we developed and administered a questionnaire to students in the study-abroad trip. Results were on a 5-point Likert scale and showed; a) therapists and physicians were (5) very helpful (92%); b) equipment and beds were very old (1, 86%); c) an upgrade to equipment very important (5, 86%).