Classification of Grains of the World


  • Tyler Burden
  • Benjamin Dixon
  • Dennis Lyle
  • Daniel Klingenberg


Although most people can identify grains as a key ingredient in the brewing process of beer, a vast majority do not realize the level of specificity to which these can be classified. In this project, we focus on analyzing the production and implementation of 6-row malted barley and 2-row malted barley in beers throughout the world. Due to the nature of the growth of these two kinds of barley, there are very specific areas in the world where it is viable to grow. These areas are mostly temperate climates that are relatively close to water. However, the amount of proteins, sugars, and carbohydrates in the barley can greatly vary depending on the region it is grown. This also affects the taste, mouth feel, ABV, and many other aspects of the beer. Different grains were sorted by region, and the amount of grains produced per region is also dependent on how much is needed not only for brewing, but for trade, domestic use, and for use a way to feed farm animals.