Alloxan ethylthiosemicarbazone and alloxan tertbutylthiosemicarbazone ligands: reaction with copper (II)


  • Michael Gray


The research to be presented describes the synthesis of alloxan thiosemicarbazone compounds, which can act as ligands for transition metal complexes. Two different alloxan thiosemicarbazone ligands were synthesized, alloxan ethylthiosemicarbazone (ALL-ETSC) and alloxan tert-butylthiosemicarbazone (ALL-tBTSC) from alloxan monohydrate and either 4-ethyl-3-thiosemicarbazide or 4-tertbutyl-3-thiosemicarbazide starting materials. These reactions gave good yield of products. We utilized several NMR experiments to gather evidence for the structures of our new compounds, the results of which will be presented in detail. Once the identity of the products were verified, both of the ligands were then reacted separately with copper (II) chloride to produce new metal complexes. To further support our conclusions of the structure and molecular composition of the compounds synthesized, mass spectroscopy was performed on both the ligands and metal complexes.