Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Optimization of Organic Chemistry Reactions


  • Ashley Williams


Our focuses on optimizing organic reactions to decrease waste and give higher product yields more reliably through the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Many organic reactions produce large amounts of waste in labs. In our research we are optimizing reactions by conducting experiments in NMR tubes. This allows us to conduct reactions on a small scale and decrease the overall amount of waste generated from an experiment. By using NMR tubes we are able to monitor the reaction as it takes place through the use of NMR spectroscopy. Since experiments are conducted in the NMR tubes the amount of chemicals used is decreased and the overall waste created in lab minimized. With NMR spectroscopy “snapshots” of the experiment are taken during each step of the reaction to see how the experiment is proceeding. This gives a visual aspect to future students during lab which can help facilitate learning. Results for optimizing reactions are ongoing, and once more data obtained design of experiment will be used to optimize the reactions.