*WINNER* K-Pop Evolution


  • Kaitlynn Marshall


Korean popular music, or K-pop, is the generalization for all of Korean music. This means that the classification is much more diverse than people think. The genre of K-pop encompasses electronic dance music, ballads, rap, hip-hop, R&B, and rock along with the pop that is generally associated with it. K-pop is unique in the way of marketing. Every platform of the market is addressed to highlight what the group will bring to the table next. If an artist or group is debuting, marketing will focus on what that group is all about as well as the style of music. One specific technique used by K-pop artists and companies is the album contents. .” K-Pop started in South Korea and has branched out all over the world to become a worldwide phenomenon. It has gained new fans. With its new fans, it has gained more capital and has become a mega industry. Although it has some flaws with the way idols are treated and how much they work, companies seek solutions to these problems. Idols share the burden of expectations, fan service, and constant work, but in the end, this industry is the most desired among the young people of South Korea. Soon, this industry will be the most desired not only for South Korean youth, but also for youth from all over the globe.