NEXT Detector Signal Amplification


  • Joseph Owens
  • Cole Howell


The Neutron dEtector with Tracking (NEXT) is an experimental detector designed to provide high neutron energy resolution with neutron-gamma discrimination filtering. The detector works with a Time of Flight (ToF) energy measurement system, and Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) algorithms to remove gamma ray data. To maintain affordability, modularity, and volume reduction, the detector uses Silicon Photo Multipliers (SiPM) as a light readout system. The signals produced by the SiPMs must be amplified and filtered, while maintaining accurate pulse shape for PSD, so acquisition equipment can accurately collect the details of the pulses. The amplification circuits used prior to this study worked to the desired specification. However, the goal of this study is to find possible modifications to the circuitry to achieve greater than desired performance from the detector. In this contribution, advances toward this goal will be presented.