*WINNER* The effect of Der Struwwelpeter’s Illustrations on Children’s Literature through Time


  • Ian Ilgner
  • Joseph Hunt


Der Struwwelpeter is a classic German children’s story with gruesome illustrations and depictions of naughty children. We have taken interest in its illustrations, which give it a unique style and the ability to persist to this day. After some preliminary research, we have decided to delve deeper into the influence that der Struwwelpeter may have had on other children’s literature, both its contemporaries and current-day stories. We would like to compare der Struwwelpeter to current-day literature and literature of the past. We expect to see similarities between der Struwwelpeter and its contemporary European literature, and ripples of its influence in current-day literature. We believe that the illustrations in der Struwwelpeter has had a much wider influence on the culture of children’s literature than many people would expect.





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