*WINNER* Effectiveness Psychosocial Care for Adolescents with Mental Illness


  • Jordyn Blackwood


Background: Mental illness seems to have increased among the adolescent population within the past decade. Suicide has become a result of such illness in many cases and therefore research conducted towards finding effective treatment must be prioritized. Methodology: Research-based articles and secondary sources were reviewed for this literature synthesis in order to understand parental perspectives on the effectiveness of psychosocial care provided for their adolescent children with mental illness. Results: The literature shows that psychosocial-based treatments are being administered, but there is a gap with regards to longevity of treatment and its effectiveness. Conclusion: Overall, it appears that there is a growing number of variables in society contributing to mental illness. Consequently, younger patients with mental illness such as adolescents are less likely to seek treatment. Promoting psychosocial treatment through therapeutic relationships and allowing adolescents to contribute to the treatment options being provided should be researched for effectiveness of those treatment options.





Human Ecology