*WINNER* How does maltreatment in childhood affect relationships in adulthood?


  • Karly Higgins


This poster reviews six different articles discussing maltreatment in childhood and its impact in adulthood. Researchers concluded that mistreatment, abuse, neglect, and many other psychosocial stressors experienced in childhood can and will emotionally and cognitively affect the victims, later in life. Three of the articles chosen cover the impact of childhood abuse and neglect. They explored an array of subtopics like common consequences and problems seen in adulthood that people who experienced abuse suffer from. The other three studies discussed more specific symptoms that occur and that abuse survivors are at risk to. The first one covers adult personality disorders and how the type of maltreatment affects that. Another examined the effects of childhood maltreatment and its association with social information processing and aggression in adulthood. The last article addressed personality types and how psychosocial distress impacts it. I will focus on a variety of preventable childhood stressors and how they can leave long-lasting effects on the child, into adulthood, and even influence sexual orientation, lead to sexual confusion, difficulties in personality, and cognitive processes.





Human Ecology