Adolescent Mood Impact Resulting from Hospitalization


  • Shannon Nuttall


How hospitalization affects the overall mood in adolescents is a very important issue that needs to be evaluated to improve adolescent’s well being. Hospitalization diagnosis and treatment often results in distress, poor coping, and social isolation. By investigating how hospitalization affects an adolescent patient’s mood, it can help promote coping and boost overall mood. The literature reviewed relates to how hospitalization affects adolescents, holistic approaches, and therapeutic and emotional care for them. The articles provide valuable research information to help gain a better understanding of how adolescents feel during their hospital experience and how they cope with their diagnosis and treatment. There are many similarities in the articles found such as finding ways to overall improve an adolescent’s life through therapeutic, emotional, and holistic approaches. There are also some differences such as psychosocial assessment upon admission and post discharge observations by parents. The articles are all unique in their own way to help gain a full sense of understanding over the entire research topic. Each article works hand in hand with each other to help gain a plethora of information regarding adolescent hospitalization and how this experience affects them. Overall, there is a general consensus that an adolescent’s mood can be altered while hospitalized. With the help of hospital staff, their overall mood can be positively impacted through methods of therapeutic and holistic care.





Human Ecology