*WINNER* The Effect of Static vs. Dynamic Warm-Up on Flexibility


  • Carly Payne
  • Kayla Langford
  • Kylee Parrott


The purpose of the study was to determine if there was a significant difference between the effect of static warm-up versus dynamic warm-up on an individual’s flexibility. Flexibility can be beneficial to one’s health in many ways like reducing daily pain and discomfort and increasing vascular health. This study will help trainers and those who exercise, both athletes and nonathletes, to understand which is the best warm-up to complete in order to achieve optimal results for flexibility. The participants in the study consisted of thirty traditional college-aged students. There were fifteen males and fifteen females, eight of which were athletes. The students performed three static stretches on the first day then measured their flexibility using the sit-and-reach test. The second day followed the same routine but instead with dynamic stretches. Overall, the results of the study showed that dynamic warm-up produced slightly greater results. However, after performing a statistical analysis, there was no significant difference between the two group means. Therefore, this study shows that both static and dynamic stretches are effective at improving flexibility for athletes and nonathletes.





Education-Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness