Multi-institutional Design and Manufacturing Practice for a Cutting-Edge Bottle Cap Opener


  • Connor Welcome


The Universal Bottle Cap Opener (UBCO) was designed with capability and versatility in mind. This unique project targets to help aid disabled or elderly individuals with the commonly simple task of opening a bottle cap or soda can. UBCO is meant for any additive manufacturing machine to be produced on and is currently the thinnest 3D printable bottle opener with the most versatile uses requiring no support material to be utilized in its fabrication.  UBCO is completely new and different because it is truly universal by definition to every bottle/can that would currently be encountered in the US. No other design is by definition truly universal except to a particular brand name or bottle type. The ergonomic design is meant to reduce fatigue significantly on the hands and wrists of individuals with weaker muscle tissue. UBCU utilizes a single US minted penny, which is installed post printing, as a force absorber to open metal bottle caps without damaging the part or fatigue to the user.  The design, manufacturing and testing stages of this project have been managed by two other institutions other than Tennessee Tech University. Professor Thomas Singer’s team at Sinclair Community College and Professor Eric Wooldridge’s team at Somerset Community College have collaborated with the Tennessee Tech University team to successfully complete this project. The presentation will report the successful completion of the project with the steps from the start to end.





Engineering-Manufacturing and Engineering Technology