Cogeneration for Manufacturing Industries


  • Divya Jaladi
  • Aaron Bain


Fossil fuels usage is accelerating the problem of global warming and leading to major climatic changes and utmost usage of these fuel accounts for energy generation. This usage cannot be minimized until a renewable alternative completely replaces their job, but can decreased with necessary techniques. Co-generation by combined heat and power is one such practice making better use of fuel by electricity production and simultaneous use of heat recovering from the process. Conventional power plant or on-site grid with boiler generates less than half of output from the consumed fossil fuel energy input. Whereas, CHP increase the output efficiency on-site by making better use of fuel burnt by enhancing energy resiliency. This work shows, based on what factors CHP can be considered for manufacturing and other facilities, what can be facilities payback period based on their utility charges. And manufacturing entities suitability for converting from the conventional grid or supplementing electricity provided from local utility to more efficient CHP system.