*WINNER* A particular nanodiamond suspension for thermal management


  • Farzin Mashali


In this study, a particular diamond nanoparticle is examined as a low concentration additive to conventional liquid coolants such as water, ethylene glycol, and mineral oil to enhance their thermal capability while aiming not to cause major disruption in the viscosity or the pressure drop through the heat exchanger in a heat transfer apparatus. The suspensions of de-aggregated and functionalized nanodiamond (nanofluids) are prepared, in such a way that the functional groups on the nanoparticle surface are intended to have their terminal chemical bonding coupled with the base fluid molecules (the host matrix), can be resulting in their operational improvement. The exigency of appropriate de-aggregation and compatible surface chemical modification of the diamond nanoparticles to achieve successful outcomes in heat transfer enhancement, efficient cooling and energy saving is addressed. Microstructural and thermo-electrical characterization, particle size distribution and rheological behavior, as well as, the convective heat transfer performance in an experimental setup destined for electronic cooling are investigated.