Transformations of Fairy Tales from the Italian Original to Versions by The Brothers Grimm and Walt Disney


  • Rose Webb


My topic encompasses fairy tales and princesses, beauties and beasts across the Atlantic and across time. Fairy tales and how they transformed from original tales to today's modernized versions.

There are many princess characters Walt Disney appropriated for the US film industry; Rapunzel, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. All have their origins with the Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales collection. Disney toned down the blood and cruelty from the Grimms' versions. My poster will focus on the depiction of Sleeping Beauty, which was first released as the classic Disney film in 1959. There have been six more film versions released since then. The Grimms had collected their tale from the Italian poet Giambattista Basile in 1634. The Grimms and Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty were very similar. The Italian original version was vastly different. My project will show changes the story underwent.





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