Der Stuwwelpeter and the Entertainment Industry’s Promotion of Violence in Media for Children


  • Lyndsey Wall


Der Stuwwelpeter is a renowned German children’s book. It is both known for the stories it contains as well as the illustrations. When seeing this book, generally people are appalled by the horrible things that happen to the children who misbehave, but when taking a look at our own modern form of children’s entertainment, one should ask: Is the violence all that different?

The comparison of Der Stuwwelpeter to other books of the 19th or 20th century have often been made and have been described as common for the time, but in reality, violence is put in many unexpected places. Children are often exposed to violence, e.g. when they watch cartoons, play video games, read books, or experience it themselves in their homes. My poster will compare violence in entertainment for children and bring to light the actual commonality this violence has with Der Stuwwelpeter.





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