*WINNER* Historical and Sociological Impacts of the Duck River on Maury County, Tennessee Communities


  • Mikayla Wood


Global communities and cultures have been greatly shaped because of river systems. Rivers often shape several aspects of a community, some of which include settling patterns and industry. The Duck River has been shaping the lives of those living in Maury County for centuries. I conducted my research by examining how the Duck River has impacted three groups of people in Maury County. I examined the Duck River's sociological and historical impact on Native Americans, early European settlers, and modern day Maury Countians.
I found that Native Americans who lived in the Maury County area prior to European settlement used the Duck River for fishing. The Duck River was highly respected by the indigenous population living in the area. Early Europeans in Maury County settled near the Duck River so they could take advantage of the Duck River's resources. Early European settlers built dams, mills, and shops along the Duck River. The Duck River was also used as a way to transport materials and goods. Today, the Duck River is the water source for those living in Maury County. The Duck River is also used for recreational purposes like canoeing and kayaking.