Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


  • Thomas Hudson


In my research project, I aim to show the challenges Jewish fighters faced during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. My research will highlight the actions perpetrated by the Nazis that motivated some Jews to resist them. It will also highlight the initial lack of resources and support from people outside the ghetto and from other residents as neither groups believed the resistance stood a chance. From there, it will follow the efforts by the resistance to gather weapons and other resources to resist the Nazis, such as purchasing weapons from the black market or resistance groups outside the ghetto. Eventually, I will cover the initial battles between the resistance and the Nazis and how well they held out. Along with the battle, I will also draw attention to how noncombatants in the ghetto reacted and how some tried to escape. In the conclusion of the research, I will show the actions the Nazis took to eventually crush the resistance, though small groups of Jewish fighters held out.