*WINNER* Research and Development of High Protein Beer


  • Julia Vesely


Higher protein levels in beer can cause an undesirable taste and cloudiness to the finished beverage, as well as contribute to the stability of head, also known as foam. However, beer brewed with certain types of malts (such as sorghum) can increase the protein content in beer without the less desirable qualities. In addition, there are other protein-containing ingredients that can be added during various stages of the brewing process that may contribute to increasing the protein levels. Yet, the effects of these adjuncts on the drinkability of the final product is still unknown. With such a large push for foods and drinks that are elevated in protein in the current market, the development of a beer with higher-than-normal protein content would be desired and enjoyed by many. The main research questions for this project were (1) how much protein or how little protein can be added to be considered ‘high protein?’ (2) how much protein or how little protein can be added before ruining taste and clarity? (3) what ingredients or adjuncts work the best? (4) how much does protein affect the Alcohol by Volume (ABV)?