Chronically Ill Caregivers’ Perspectives on Parenting


  • Hailey Craig


This poster is an examination of different studies that relate to youth adjustment to parental illness, caregiver chronic illness, parental interventions as well as standings of parents with chronic illnesses. This poster focuses on the perspectives that caregivers with a chronic illness share about parenting and how it has affected their parenting style. For the sake of this project, chronically ill is defined as a situation whereby a person is unable to commit to regular daily tasks and is affected negatively by this illness daily. By this definition, the population of the studies reviewed for this poster face chronic illness while parenting or in some aspect of caregiving. This poster also examines relevant studies that focus on families (children, siblings, parents, etc.) dealing with chronic illness in some capacity. The research reviewed for this project is important and relevant to discover what resources work for caregivers with chronic illnesses and disabilities, not only so professionals can adapt to the needs of these individuals but to also apply the resources available to this population.






Human Ecology