Exploring Eating, Lifestyle And Sleeping Patterns That Affects College Athletes


  • Jacob Parham


This review of literature explored eating, lifestyle, and sleeping patterns that may positively or negatively impact long term health in college athletes. The authors of this review of literature demand that having adequate sleep of at least eight to nine hours is essential to recovery but can be difficult due to the athlete’s schedule. Although athletes are provided with food, it may not be enough due to being so active and not having enough time to make healthy choices. Due to busy schedules, having a healthy lifestyle pattern can be difficult especially with school and other external factors to balance. The authors of the reviewed research noted that athletes need strong organizational and time management skills and the ability to make informed and mindful choices. The articles used in this review of literature provided tips that are practical, easy, and effective. In summary, the authors note that an athlete’s long term health is influenced by the decisions they make, as well as their desire to be healthy.





Human Ecology