Herbal Supplements


  • Caraline Partin


Alternative medicines, specifically herbal supplements, have been increasing in their accessibility and commonality in the past few decades. In general, people believe there are more natural ways to promote healing or overall well-being. But herbal products are still not approved by the FDA. Although there have been research trials done, there is no proof that any certain natural supplement will have the same effect on different people. While researching literature about herbal supplements, I wanted to refine my search for mostly herbal supplements, essential oils, and vitamins that have been found to positively affect medical conditions, such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, cancers, pregnancy, obesity, and anxiety. While found some trials or reviews on products that significantly improved patients’ circumstances, I also found that others do not always have the same outcomes or may contradict another trial done on the same supplement. It is important for the general population to know this information, understand that there are many unknowns, and be cautious when taking herbal supplements. Natural products are often thought of as an easy answer or quick fix to a medical problem, and many of them are safe when used in moderation, but there is still no guarantee of the safety or efficacy of herbal supplements.





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