Towards Standardization of IoT Message Exchange for Intrusion Data Sharing in Heterogeneous Environments


  • Gustavo Angeles


The necessities of modern day lives today depend heavily on usage of Internet of Things (IoT). Exponential growth of this technology has led to increase in security and privacy concerns. Heterogeneity of the IoT Sensors is a major limitation for security decision makers who have to extract and integrate data from different IoT sensors to assess overall security posture of the network. Current security solutions cater to homogeneous networks where devices use similar configurations and protocols for communication. The heterogeneous nature of IoT demands a unified solution where IoT sensors can communicate with standard protocols and enable decision makers to naturally integrate and analyze data coming from various diverse sources. This work designs and implements a standard Message Exchange Protocol for IoT called IoTMEF. In this regard, we have designed and developed a heterogeneous IoT testbed based on a smart home scenario. It is completely customizable and usable for security research in the IoT space.






Computer Science