UL-FGA: Expanding The Database


  • Dylan Alissandrello


For years now, America has been in need of a new type of aggregate that is both lightweight and environmentally friendly, along with encompassing other properties desired by various projects. AeroAggregate, LLC has now released an ultra-lightweight foamed glass aggregate (UL-FGA) in North America that has a low unit weight, a high friction angle, and is highly permeable. The purpose of this research was to expand the current database on this aggregate. During this research, the usage of photogrammetry sieve analysis and one-dimensional compression were used to test the properties of UL-FGA. Since UL-FGA had the property to break into smaller pieces when sieved in a standard sieve shaker, a solution was needed to get grain size analysis properly. This led to the use of photogrammetry sieve analysis. The software used could then accurately estimate the particle size in volume compared to the particle diameter of UL-FGA. This method is still not as accurate as a standard sieve shaker, but it did solve to the solution of getting an estimate of the grain size analysis without rounding the edges of the UL-FGA sample. This research also used the process of one-dimensional tests to get data such as plots of stress vs strain. This research was concluded by comparing the past research to this updated research, which resulted in many similarities and differences that can be used to gain a broader understanding of this aggregate and possible future uses.






Engineering-Civil and Environmental