Achieving Carbon Neutrality at Bridgestone Nature Reserve at Chestnut Mountain


  • Liam Linton
  • Sofia Sagran
  • Riley Roberts
  • Troy Melton
  • Jake Woody


We examined options to achieve carbon neutrality at The Nature Conservancy‘s Bridgestone Nature Reserve at Chestnut Mountain. We conducted a basic energy audit for the primary structure (office), as well as secondary structures, vehicles and power equipment, to determine needed energy efficiency improvements. We concluded that small enhancements, such as adding insulation and replacing appliances, can maximize energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. We also contacted outside entities to conduct formal commercial energy audits and provide cost estimates for installing a wind turbine and solar panels. Our final proposal includes estimated cost and timeline of transitioning all facilities and equipment from commercial energy production and fossil fuel use to renewable energy. The use of carbon offsets with forested land is a potential temporary measure to achieve carbon neutrality. Full carbon neutrality can be achieved at this facility through a combination of energy use reduction, renewable energy generation, and allocation of a small piece of forested land for carbon sequestration.






Environmental Studies