Struwwelpeter still has value for Modern Day society with Children's Eating Habits and Distractions from Life.


  • Landon York


In Heinrich Hoffmann's Der Struwwelpeter, Hoffmann attempts at illustrating lessons to children. These lesson are on how to behave and avoid the development of terrible behaviors and habits. In two of the ten stories that are within Der Struwwelpeter, Hoffmann protrays the terrible conqueneces of being a picky eater, unhealthy eating habits, and not paying attention to the real world and being distracted. These lessons are still valuable for modern day children and parents. Espeically with the growing of modern day problems of child obesity, laziness, addiction to various media forms such as video games, movies, and social media. Also, comparing the methods of teaching and helping children to not develop these bad behaviors or habits with modern day parenting to parenting durning the nineteenth century.






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