The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children


  • Kortney Robbins


What is the correlation between domestic violence and children's development? Witnessing domestic violence leads children to have a variety of age-dependent negative effects. The objective of this research is to determine the negative effects of domestic violence on children. Case studies would be the most beneficial method of research. Most studies that have been conducted on domestic violence do not consider the effects on secondary victims, such as children, this project explores the effects on secondary victims. Researchers looked at a range of age groups, to gain an accurate representation of the developmental effects on each age group. The findings showed us that children who witness domestic violence in the home are more likely to exhibit similar psychological effects. Children who experience domestic violence are at a greater risk for negative internalized and externalized behaviors. Research also revealed that there are several variables that can provide some prevention strategies in order to try to minimize the negative effects that come along with witnessing domestic violence. In this presentation, I will be sharing information on the differences between the age groups, and providing examples of some possible regressions that are associated with each age group. I will also be sharing information on the resilience in children, to discuss the possible positive outcomes that can occur if the proper help is given to the child. This synthesis clearly indicates that the research that was conducted proves that there are developmental issues that can be directly related to witnessing domestic violence.






Human Ecology