Misconceptions of Sustainability within the Luxury Fashion Industry


  • Chloe Land
  • Cassie Bonamie


There is an extreme contrast between fast fashion and designer fashion, but ironically they are both leaders in the fashion industry. This research is an examination of how fast fashion brands and designer brands are integrating sustainable and ethical practices into their designs within the industry. Fast fashion is the reinvention of slow fashion that encourages disposability and thrives on fast cycles constantly bringing in the newest trends, where luxury fashion is a much slower form of design, centered around three main themes: dreams, exclusivity, and beauty/art (Joy, Sherry, Venkatesh, Wang, & Chan, 2012). One of the biggest differences between fast fashion and slow fashion is that creating luxury products takes time, limiting availability, and not mass-producing. In return, this actually slows the fashion cycle, reducing the amount of waste associated with creating fashion products. However, without a clear understanding of what consumers should look for when shopping for more sustainable fashion brands, this all can become overwhelming. This research will explore the disconnect in consumers’ knowledge regarding the sustainability within the luxury fashion industry.






Human Ecology