Is there a relationship between child abuse and child development?


  • Marielena Juan


Child abuse is a problem that is still going on in society. Many children suffer from child abuse which has consequences that can be drastic to their development. Is there a relationship between child abuse and child development? In this project I will explore the types of child abuse. This should give an understanding of the consequences that it can have on child’s mental, emotional, and social development. There is need to raise awareness about it. Since some parents might not know the difference between a punishment and when it becomes abuse. The aim is to bring awareness to the effects of child abuse on a child’s development. One group uses logistic regression to find the relationship of child abuse and adult health risk behaviors. The other group compares eighty-seven abused children to eighty-seven non-maltreated classmates. One study collected saliva samples from school age maltreated and non-maltreated children. Some of the research was also conducted in classrooms. In other instances, children and mothers were interviewed. The information gathered in the classroom was to investigate behavioral problems witnessed by teachers. Research shows that family violence can have an effect on social development for children especially when it comes to peers. Also, that child abuse can have an effect on a child’s behavior and mental health. The awareness of child abuse to parents and the community can help in reducing the risks that it has on a child’s development. This can improve the health of many children in the long term.






Human Ecology