Exploring the Sustainability in the Textile Industry


  • Allison Gilbert
  • Rylin Dunlap


There is a growing concern about sustainability in the textile industry, which is causing companies to make drastic changes. This research is the examination of the harm that the textile industry can cause to the environment and how society will respond to the textile industry changing their environmental policies. The development of the sustainability issue essentially surrounds the many damages it causes to the environment. The earth’s natural resources are being used at a rate that the natural ecosystem cannot handle (Carp, 2020). This information lead us further into the consumer end of the textile industry. A study that recruited 593 responses from women living in the USA showed results that environmentally friendly companies are more appealing than not (Moon, H. & Lee, H.H. 2018). We know that environmental policies are possible because one source revealed their exact statistics on how they have reduced chemical waste (Roy et al., 2020). Also, it has been found that recycling the fabric waste to make products like insulation is entirely possible (Briga-S, A., et al.). Furthermore, there are known specific companies that have utilized the findings on how to reduce environmental destruction. Zara and H&M are two companies that are open about their ongoing transition to environmentally friendly products and how they support sustainability (Moon, H. & Lee, H.H. 2018). This research explores the possible repercussions that companies experience based on if they support the elimination of environmental harm or if they let the damage pass by.






Human Ecology