Textile Waste and Its Effects on the Environment


  • Taylor Frost
  • Katie Holmes


Textile waste is one of the leading contributors in worldwide pollution. This research is an examination of the current disposal methods for clothing items and how those practices affect the environment. In North America alone, every consumer throws out an average of eighty-one pounds of textiles each year, which totals more than twenty-six billion pounds of textiles in landfills (Hirschlag, 2019). Adding to that astounding statistic, is the fact there is little awareness of the environmental impact of fashion. In Joung’s (2013) survey, the researcher questioned 335 college students, mainly female, on whether they were hoarding clothes. The results determined that 20-29% hoard them, but they dispose of 10-14 items a year (Joung 2013). When it comes to fast-fashion, consumers frequently are buying the latest trends that seem to come out quicker than the average seasonal line comes out. Whether it is through donation or throwing away, consumers are disposing of their clothing at a higher rate each year. This research explores the question of if people will continue to throw out clothing if they are presented with the negative effects it has on the environment.






Human Ecology