*WINNER* Implementation of an ADHD Electronic Portal in Pediatric Primary Care


  • Heather Cathey


Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) recommend documentation of symptom scales and comorbidity screenings at the time of diagnosis and routinely throughout care. Rates of documentation for these tools in pediatric primary care are consistently low, creating a gap in care that impairs diagnosis, management, and patient outcomes. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to implement an online ADHD portal that emails, collects and scores these tools. The aims of the project are to improve utilization of CPGs by increasing documentation rates of symptom scales and comorbidity screenings for pediatric patients with ADHD. One primary care pediatrician located in Middle Tennessee piloted the project, with the goal to expand this to additional partners in the future. Following submission to the IRB, the committee determined this type of quality improvement project to not require their oversight. A six-month retrospective chart review was conducted to determine baseline rates of documentation for the two outcomes. During the ten-week project, the portal was activated and evaluation tools were sent. A second chart review will be conducted at the conclusion of the project to determine if rates of documentation have improved. The expected outcomes include successful implementation of the online portal with improved CPG utilization related to increased rates of documentation for symptom scales and comorbidity assessments.