Parent Satisfaction Rates in Relation to Child Life Program Size


  • Emma Waltenbaugh


The topic of this project is how parent satisfaction rates relate to Child Life Program Sizes. The problem is that child life programs are often understaffed. The purpose of this project is to explore the relationship between child life program size and parents' satisfaction with hospitals. In choosing articles for this literature review, an article was a good fit if it contained key words such as parent satisfaction, child life programs, or Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS). The research needed to be related to parent satisfaction in hospitals or child life programs. I found my articles in Google Scholar or the Tech library database. The participants in these studies were either parents of children in hospitals or child life specialists. The authors sampled participants by inviting parents of children in hospitals to participate. Another study conducted research as they were implementing a child life program. The findings were 1. parents are typically satisfied with child life interventions, 2. parents experienced less concern regarding their child's emotional state, and 3. families expressed they valued the breaks given to them by the CCLSs. Thus, the more CCLSs are available, the more parents will experience these things. This in turn will raise parent satisfaction rates. The implications of this are that hospitals will benefit from hiring more CCLSs. In the future, researchers should explore the relationships between child life program size and CCLS satisfaction.





Human Ecology