Covid-19 and the effects of mental and physical health of school-aged children


  • Hannah Smith


The topic of this project is Covid-19's effect on school-aged children's mental and physical health. The problem is children were put at risk causing their mental and physical health to suffer. The purpose of this project is to explore how Covid-19 allegedly led to the decline in school-aged children's mental and physical health. The key words Covid-19, school-aged children, mental and physical health were used on Tennessee Tech's Eagle Search. I chose the articles based on the abstract information relating to my topic. The excluded articles did not meet the criteria based on key words such as non-school aged children. The participants in the reviewed studies were school-aged children six to 12 years of age from different ethnicity with random and convenience being the sampling. One of the most important findings was to prioritize mental health interventions for school-aged children by setting routines. This helps their physical activity because otherwise they are more likely to sleep and take advantage of screen time. Also, children who worry about being affected by Covid-19 are likely at risk for having depression symptoms. The implications of these findings show the need for routine to protect school-aged children's mental and physical health. School systems and parents at home need interventions for school-aged children's mental health needs to ensure that these children's physical and mental health don't suffer.





Human Ecology