Intimate Partner Violence Impact on Children


  • Kaitlin Berkley


The topic of this project is about the impact that IPV has on young children. The problem is the alleged negative outcomes of IPC on children exposed to such violence. The purpose of this project was to explore the impact of IPV in early childhood. The articles included in this project were selected because they were relevant to my topic. These are articles that had key words such as intimate partner violence, children, and impact or effect. I found all the articles through Tennessee Tech's library Eagle Search database. I excluded articles that did not have enough information matching my topic. The participants in the reviewed studies were children who ranged from ages five to 16. The results include three important findings: 1. Negative outcomes are common for children who experience intimate partner violence, and the outcomes impact all aspects of their lives. 2. the impact can display itself through both internalizing and externalizing behaviors. 3. resilience is possible for children exposed or who would have witnessed IPV at a young age, but there must be protective factors in place for them. These results mean that children do not need to experience abuse themselves to be negatively impacted. These children impacted by IPV are witnessing in their homes. Researchers, practitioners, and law makers must raise awareness about these children because not enough is known about the increased risks arising from witnessing IPV.





Human Ecology