*WINNER* Ways Teachers Accommodate Children with Sensory Processing Disorder Needs in the Classroom


  • Maggie Clem


The topic of this project is to find in what ways teachers accommodate children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). The problem identified is that children with SPD need accommodations within the classroom in order to improve their behaviors and everyone (teacher and other children) else's daily lives. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to investigate the ways in which teachers do and can accommodate the classroom for children with SPD. The key words used to identify the literature reviewed include the following: sensory processing disorder, children with sensory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder needs, accommodations, teachers. The participants in the literature reviewed included teachers, children with sensory processing disorder, and professional counselors. These studies were chosen for this literature review project due to their definition of sensory processing disorder in children, how the disorder affects children in the classroom setting, and recommendations for ways teachers accommodate children in the classroom setting. These findings tell us that the information is widely available to teachers and parents of children with sensory processing disorder. It also reinforces the importance of the problem: that children with sensory processing disorder do face issues in the classroom setting, so teachers should accommodate for these needs in order to improve the child's and others' daily lives.





Human Ecology