Development of Forest Health Curriculum for Private Landowners


  • Hayley Reed
  • Hannah Ruth Brown
  • Chloe Green
  • Jonah Lawson
  • Savannah Smith
  • Mallory Williams
  • Tammy Boles
  • Steven Sharp


Our team in the 2021-22 Environmental and Sustainability Capstone created curricula for several topics of interest to Upper Cumberland. Our primary focus was to help female private woodland landowners who may not have the resources available to them to learn their land better. Even though our main focus is women, our curriculum is open to anyone with the desire to learn. The topics we covered are: carbon sequestration, soil health, native and invasive plant species, plant species identification and foraging, and grants and funding. When managing their forestland, whether leaving the land be or harvesting timber, owners need to understand carbon sequestration and the identification and management of natural and invasive species. Soil health is vital to tree health. In addition, there are financial resources available to land owners, but most people do not know where to find the resources. The goal of this research is to provide resources for landowners that want to learn how to best care for their forestlands in this area.





Environmental Studies