Learning the Land: Private Woodland Workshop


  • Charleston Pritchett
  • Tim Cooper
  • Megan Flynn
  • Kati Lowe
  • Andrew Williamson
  • Tammy Boles
  • Steven Sharp


In Tennessee, approximately 81% of forestland is privately owned. Many people throughout the upper Cumberland own forestland, but not all of them know how to manage it properly. We created "Learning the Land: Private Woodland Workshop" for those who own 10-100 acres. It will be held on April 23, 2022, at the Appalachian Center for Craft with guest speakers from both government offices and the private sector. They will speak in sessions on Forest Health, Plant Species Identification, Financial Management of Woodlands, and Landowner Resources for Cost-Sharing along with an outdoor workshop on Tree Identification. We plan for this event to be held annually to help forestland owners, especially women, further their knowledge about their property. To make this event, we collaborated with many other groups and individuals to market, make efficient modes of communication, create the event, and gather demographic information.





Environmental Studies