*WINNER* Is King Richard a True Machiavellian? Comparing The Prince to The True Tragedy of Richard The Third


  • Christopher Fairchild


Richard III is one of the most infamous villains in historical drama. His actions and mannerisms are often categorized as Machiavellian. However, his portrayal in The True Tragedy of Richard The Third by an unknown playwright does not entirely fit the criteria for a Machiavellian villain. In addition, upon comparing this Richard III with Machiavelli's The Prince the definition of a Machiavellian villain does not align with what The Prince establishes. In this paper I analyze the definition of a Machiavel, how this play's portrayal and other portrayals of Richard III fits this definition, and other portrayals, how the modern interpretation of Machiavel is skewed by historical controversy. In doing so, I assert that this portrayal of Richard III is not a traditional Machiavellian, and that the definition of Machiavel does not follow what its namesake intended.