Modeling and Analysis of Equivalent Circuit of Metamaterial-based Wireless Power Transfer System


  • Webster Adepoju
  • Indranil Bhattacharya


In this study, an equivalent circuit model is presented to emulate the behavior of a metamaterial-based wireless power transfer system. For this purpose, the electromagnetic field simulation of the proposed system is conducted in ANSYS high-frequency structure simulator for medium parameter extraction. In addition, a numerical analysis of the proposed structure is explored to evaluate its transfer characteristics. The power transfer efficiency of the proposed structure is represented by the transmission scattering parameter. While some methods, including interference theory and effective medium theory have been exploited to explain the physics mechanism of MM-based WPT systems, some of the reactive parameters and the basic physical interpretation have not been clearly expounded. In contrast to existing theoretical model, the proposed approach focuses on the effect of the system parameters and transfer coils on the system transfer characteristics and its effectiveness in analyzing complex circuit. Numerical solution of the system transfer characteristics, including the scattering parameter and power transfer efficiency is conducted in Matlab. The calculation results based on numerical estimation validates the full wave electromagnetic simulation results, effectively verifying the accuracy of the analytical model.






Engineering-Electrical and Computer