Isatin thiosemicarbazone ligands and their characterization by NMR spectroscopy: Formation of their Cu(II) metal complexes

  • Arielle Buckner
  • Sarah Bowman


A new series of Isatin Thiosemicarbazone (I-TSC) ligands were synthesized. The ligands were synthesized with the following substituent groups: methyl thiosemicarbazone, ethyl thiosemicarbazone, tert-butyl thiosemicarbazone, phenyl thiosemicarbazone, and benzyl thiosemicarbazone. These ligands were then characterized by NMR spectroscopy in order to verify their structures. The following test were ran on the compounds: 1H, 13C, gradient selected COSY, 1H-13C multiplicity, and 1H-13C HMBC. The compounds were then reacted with CuCl to form metal complex [Cu(I-TSC)Cl]. An inhibition assay study on these Isatin ligands and copper compounds for evidence of inhibition of Topoisomerase II ╬▒ will be presented.