The Link Between Depression and Health Outcomes


  • Kaylee Whitefield


Is there a link between depression and health outcomes? Our health is sensitive and can be affected by so many things. With the use of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, we can determine how our health is affected by our mental health, specifically anxiety and depression. By discovering the effect our mental health has on our overall health, diseases and pain can be managed better due to a more complete understanding of the internal and external connections of the body. I aim to find the link, or links, discussing the effects that depression can have on our health and the outcomes of diseases. I will use a literature synthesis to dissect research articles to gain a better understanding of how easily our mental health can influence our physical health. Researchers have administered surveys within the hospital and outpatient setting as well as over the phone interviews pertaining to the effects of depression on participants’ health. Research shows that after using these forms of assessment, most people who had a terminal, or chronic, illness had higher scores showing anxiety and depression. The research findings also reveal that those who struggle with lifelong issues have higher rates of mental illness and a lack of wanting to continue their care. Finally, through exploring previously published studies, we understand the link between our mental health and our overall health and willingness to continue taking care of ourselves.






Human Ecology